Bigg Boss 11 Finale Live Updates: Shilpa Shinde is the Winner of Bigg Boss 11

Shilpa Shinde is the winner of Bigg Boss 11

Shilpa Shinde is the winner of Bigg Boss 11

After entertaining the viewers for three months, controversial reality series Bigg Boss 11 has finally come to an end with its grand finale night today (January 14). This time around the four finalists of the show are Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Vikas Guptaand Puneesh Sharma. Without a doubt, all of them are strong contenders of the trophy and deserve to win. Bigg Boss 11 grand finale sees Akshay Kumar joining the host of the show Salman Khan. Together, they have some fun with the contestants. The housemates also perform on hit Bollywood numbers, bringing the season to an end.

11.36 PM : Salman declares Shilpa Shinde as the winner of Bigg Boss 11 and congratulates her. The audience jumps with joy.

11.34 PM : Salman teases both Hina and Shilpa and then announces that the total votes are on the basis of total votes earned in the week and the live voting. Salman tells everyone they both are winners for him.

11.22 PM : Salman then asks Shilpa and Hina to leave the house. They then join him on stage. Salman entertains them. Shilpa tells how Hina feels the former will win the game. Hina’s mom is confident of her daughter’s win. Shilpa’s mom

11.16 PM : Bigg Boss talks to Hina and Shilpa, He praises Shilpa for being forgiving and letting go of her rivalry with Vikas. He tells Hina that her motto of girl power made her popular. Bigg Boss points out the similarities in their journey – their friends and how they felt isolated sometimes.

11.13 PM : Hina performs on the song ‘Heroine’. She looks glamorous. She is joined by good friends Puneesh and Luv. Their act is in sync. The medley includes popular Bollywood numbers.

11.08 PM : Salman declared that the voting lines are open for fans of Hina and Shilpa for the next ten minutes. He urges the viewers to vote for their favourite. Vikas joins Salman and Akshay on stage. He says after him, Shilpa is the potential winner.

11.04 PM : Akshay presses Hina’s buzzer. The statue doesn’t explode, qualifying her for top two. He then asks Vikas and Shilpa whose buzzer he should press. He then decides to press their buzzer together. Vikas’ statue explodes. He is declared to be out of the race.

10.53 PM : Akshay shows them their statues which are kept in front of them. He will press the buzzer and the one which will explode would imply that the particular contestant is out of the game. There is a lot of suspense.

10.49 PM : Akshay goes inside the house. Finalists introduce themselves. Akshay tells them how they are all very popular outside BB 11 house. He then announces that one of them will go out of the house with him.

10.47 PM : Vikas and Shilpa perform on ‘Mein Naagin Tu Sapera’. It is a song that talks about the relationship they shared on the show. The medley of songs is hilarious and include ‘Tauba tera jalwa, Tauba tera Pyaar’.

10.44 PM : Akshay teaches the audience how to make a sanitary pad on stage. Salman watches him as he shows everyone how it is done. Akshay gives the message that we must take care of the women in our country.

10.40 PM : Akash wears the trunks and grooves on his own song. Sapna asks Akshay if she could dance on ‘mujhse shaadi karoge’ with them. Their dance is entertaining. Akshay enacts the number with Sapna.

10.36 PM : Dhinchak Pooja sings on scooter with Akshay and Salman. The two are amused with her song and poke fun. Akshay and Salman get into a banter with each other. They next take out a boxer and Akash comes on the stage this time.

10.31 PM : Akshay Kumar joins Salman on stage. They come riding on a bicycle. They take out props from a trunk. First is scooter which is given to Dhinchak Pooja.

10.28 PM : After coming out of the house, Krystle D’Souza enacts a famous dialogue from Salman’s film. They all get joking about the slot of their show and the fact it is a clean show unlike Bigg Boss.

10.25 PM : Krystle D’Souza enters the house and greets the finalists. She promotes her upcoming show ‘Belan Wali Bahu’. She gives ‘Belan’ to Vikas and asks him to remove one bad quality in Hina or Shilpa. Hina too gets a chance and she says Vikas feels bad instantly . Shilpa points out Hina talks a lot and she should get rid of the habit.

10.20 PM : Bandagi does a sensuous dance on ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani’ with Puneesh. This is followed by Arshi’s act on ‘Laila Mein Laila’. Hiten joins her, and the two groove together.

10.17 PM : Salman, too, praises all the contestants and requests the viewers to vote for them. He announces the premiere date and timings of the show. Salman then talks about the unlikely couple Hiten and Arshi, who poke fun at each other in their performance.

10.13 PM : Rising stars participants sing ‘Aahun Aahun’ enthralling the audience with their act. The judges of the reality show praise them all and give them a standing ovation.

10.10 PM : Salman asks India to get ready to vote live for the participants of Rising Star. Ravi Dubey introduces contestants one by one. They all come from different towns.

9.56 PM : Rising Star judges and hosts Diljit Dosanjh, Shankar Mahadevan and Monali Thakur interact with Salman and tell the audience what is in store for them. Diljit sings a few lines of ‘Do you know’, a song that Salman loves.

9.52 PM : Puneesh joins Salman on stage. He declares Shilpa Shinde as the winner because she has been very nice to him all through the season. The host of the show points him to go to Bandagi. Rising Star host Ravi Dubey comes to promote the reality series.

9.48 PM : Salman informs the Shilpa, Hina, Vikas and Puneesh that family member of one of them will enter the house. They would then be evicted from the house. Puneesh’s mother enters the house. The finalists get up to greet his mom.

9.45 PM : Salman asks the finalists who they think will be evicted first. Vikas says Puneesh, Shilpa wants Hina to go, Puneesh feels Vikas will be evicted and Hina thinks Puneesh might have to bid adieu first.

9.40 PM : Luv remains loyal to Hina but feels Shilpa will win the show due to more number of votes. Salman continues making fun of Akash and then welcomes him on stage to perform. Akash raps a song in his style.

9.36 PM : Salman introduces the finalists to the eliminated contestants. He then asks the contestants who did not deserve to be there. Hiten points at Puneesh, Arshi at Hina. Dhinchak Pooja raps a song, making everyone laugh. Priyank feels Vikas should win the game.

9. 31 PM : Salman shows the trophy to everyone. Vikas Gupta tells that Shilpa has become open-minded. Salman then asks Shilpa what is the difference between Vikas after their journey, Shilpa says he has become more understanding. Salman then requests Hina to sing and she croons to ‘Yunhi kat jayega’.

9.26 PM : Salman interacts with the finalists. He tells the for him they all are the winners. Salman tells Shilpa how the industry had closed doors for her but now they are waiting to welcome her with open arms. He also teases Vikas and interacts with Hina and Puneesh

9.21 PM : Bigg Boss makes the finalists emotional. And then they all raise a toast to the show and themselves. Bigg Boss congratulates the finalists. They are shown footage of TV celebs, who share the finalist they are rooting for.

9.17 PM : Salman and Akash have a little funny banter. Dhinchak Pooja too adds to the fun. Salman then shifts to the finalists inside the house. Bigg Boss talks about the entire season which were full of varied emotions.

8.30 PM : Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan perform with the contestants and have some fun on stage.

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