Chocolate Sandwich Recipe – Crispy and Crunchy Chocolate Sandwich.

Easy chocolate sandwich can be quick breakfast or snack, perfect for your kids. If you are chocolate lover, chocolate sandwich is going to win your heart.

Ingredients –

Bread 4-6 Slices

Chocolate Spread 5-6tbsp

Butter 4-5tbsp

Chocolate Sauce for spreading

Dark Chocolate grated for garnishing

Method –

Apply butter on each slice of bread evently. Then apply a layer of hazelnut chocolate spread on half of the slice.

Then place another slice of bread over the first one.

In a non stick microwave plate grease some butter/oil then place these bread slices on it and grill it for 4-6 minutes at ” Grill Mode”. Turn the bread slices after 3 minutes.

Cut them into the shape you desire and pore chocolate sauce over it and garnish it with grateed dark chocolate.

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