Episode 6 – Prithvi Vallabh 4th February 2018 Episode Written Update: Prithvi Leaves Malwa, Mrinal Plans War

Episode 6 – Prithvi Vallabh 4th February 2018 Episode Written Update

Episode 6 - Prithvi Vallabh 4th February 2018 Episode Written Update

Prithvi Vallabh 4th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on fazemasti.com

Prithvi tells Senapati Kalari that if he is sword then he is the sharpness. Senapati Kalari is upset and says what a senapati can have any relation with Prithvi Vallabh, and says he has a relation of sena nayak with Yuvraj and asks why did you do this Prithvi. Prithvi says you are my Guru and I have taken this decision and can go from here as you are in Malwa and will take care of them. He asks him to have trust on him and says whenever you needs me, your son will be right infront of you. Senapati calls him putr and gets emotional. He says you will soon return Prithvi, as Malwa can’t stay away from you for long.

Sulochana tells Mrinal what to do with Prithvi Vallabh’s sword. Mrinal looks at the sword and says this is the proof of my enemy’s defeat, and says until I destroy Malwa,

I will keep this, so that it reminds me of my revenge from Malwa. Sulochana is upset. Mrinal asks what is the matter. Sulochana tells her something.

Singhdant asks Prithvi why did he take such a decision. Prithvi says he don’t want anything from Malwa and tells that his brother hates him and he can’t bear it. He asks him to let him go and cries. Maharani says once sindhu’s hatred lower down then Prithvi will return. Singhdant don’t agree with her. Prithvi asks Singhdant to make Sindhu as king and says he can be a capable king. Singhdant says I can’t agree, but….He says Kalari asked for time, if your crime is not proved then you have to return. Prithvi leaves from there.

Mrinal tells in the palace that she was unsuccessful to kill Singhdant, but managed to destroy Malwa to some extent. She asks Tailap to take other king’s support and attacks Malwa. Vilas asks Mrinal to celebrate in the party. Mrinal asks her to make the arrangements.

The people of Malwa ask Prithvi not to go. Prithvi says he is proved guilty and is going far from them, but whenever you need me, you will find me with you. Soldier says what to do without you. Prithvi says I am not your sena pramuk, but my message is same, don’t let anyone snatch your land, and says think before entering someone’s land that it is not yours. Maha kavya tells Sindhu that Prithvi thinks himself of Raja and asks Sindhu to get him killed. Sindhu asks who can do this. Someone tells about the snake poison weapon and says he will make arrangements. Prithvi bids adieu to Kalari and the people of Malwa.

Mrinal comes to Maharani Jakkave and asks her what is her problem in the palace. Maharani Jakkave says what you can do if you come to know about it. Mrinal asks her to tell clearly. Maharani Jakkave says you will take your brother’s side. She tells that Tailap stays in Kotha most often. Mrinal asks her to solve her personal problems with Tailap. Maharani Jakkave tells that he even went with her hunting. Mrinal asks what is stopping you to end the problem and says you are free to do anything. Maharani Jakkave promises to end the matter.

Prithvi comes to the jungle wearing simple clothes and asks his horse to go, but horse makes sound refusing him. Prithvi asks horse to go and asks where you will roam with me in jungle. Horse makes sound refusing. Prithvi runs leaving the horse. Horse turns.

Maharani Jakkave asks Sevak to give her message to Kosha and asks her to present her art in the Palace Maha utsav. She gives the valuables and promises to give her more. Lakshmi comes there and asks Maharani about her smile. Maharani tells that Vilas took permission from Mrinal which nobody could, and she got a chance to humiliate Kosha. Lakshmi asks what you are going to do? Maharani says lets wait and watch.

Mrinal looks at Prithvi’s sword. Tailap comes and says did you call me Akk? Mrinal looks on angry and says I always wanted to call you as raja and says but she was doubtful. She asks him to listen to her carefully, and says after defeating Malwa fully, she will take Sanyas from political life and then he is free to do anything. She says your aim shall be war and victory from Malwa till then, and asks him to concentrate on Malwa. Sevak comes to kosha and tells her about Maharani’s proposal. Kosha asks him to tell Maharani that she can’t buy her with gold coins, but will entertain her with her art. She says may be Tailap Raj sent invitation to me, I will also see how the raj mahal looks like.

In the palace, Vilas asks where is Mrinal. Lakshmi says Mrinal don’t attend functions. Maharani Jakkave tells Kosha that she wants to see her and says you are very popular. Tailap is angry. Kosha is wearing veil on her head and lifts it. She sings dil me jo dard….Tailap is about to go, but Maharani Jakkave holds his hand. Maharani Jakkave gives her coins. Tailap is much angry. Mrinal hears the song from her side of palace and closes her ears, recalling her parents and sister’s death. Tailap gets up and goes from there. Kosha twirls while dancing and falls down. Maharni tells her story of a bird who was flying high and was enjoying the height, but its feathers fell down due to heavy wind, and it died. Kosha says feathers were scattered, breathe was heavy, but her partner came and fly with it, neither it lose life nor its heart. Maharani looks angry.

Tailap thinks Mrinal called Kosha there and come to talk to her. Mrinal says Sulochana gave her news that Prithvi is thrown out of Malwa. Tailap says I want to say something. Mrinal says they have no time to talk and asks him to prepare for war. Tailap asks her to promise that she will not interfere in his decisions. Mrinal says she has already promised him and asks if he has doubt. Tailap goes. Sulochana says Maharaj is stressed out. Mrinal says Tailap will win surely as Prithvi is not there.

Prithvi is in jungle, when someone attacks him with strange weapons sitting on tree. Prithvi looks on the tree.

Guru Aditya asks Mrinal to promise him. Mrinal asks if he don’t believe on his daughter. Prithvi tells that he saw someone’s eyes and got lost. Singhdant tells Maharani that he has hidden the fact of Mrinal’s hatred from Prithvi. Fire broke out at Kosha’s brothel. Prithvi tells someone that if heard about old woman supporting the visitors in night. Old Woman is shown

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