JioPhone Quick Review: Looks Like a Feature Phone But Watching TV On It Is Fun

Jio Phone will not be delivered from September 21, now delayed to October 1

Over two months after it was announced, the JioPhone is finally out. It is still not in the hands of consumers. That will happen in the coming days, possibly in the first week of October. But slowly and surely we have started seeing it – it is no longer a myth. The free 4G phone exists. And works fairly well I can say, from whatever little time I have spent with it so far.

Reliance Jio describes the JioPhone as the world’s first smart feature phone. And rightly so. The JioPhone looks like a feature phone. That much was evident from the images of the phone. But now that the phone is out there in flesh and blood — no, make it plastic and rubber — and I have seen it, I can say that it looks like any generic feature phone. It has a T9 keyboard, like what used to be there on the old Nokia and Samsung phones 15 years ago and a smooth plastic body that you can still see on feature phones sold in the country.

Jio Phone pre-booked by millions, online and offline registration paused due to heavy demand

JioPhone pre-registration started on August 24 at 5:30PM on both online and offline channels. There were some teething problems in the initial 1 hour and the website, app crashed due to the heavy demand. However, even though the site crashed initially, the consumers could still manage to book JioPhone by paying a refundable amount of Rs 500. Jio has confirmed that they have received millions of booking for the 4G feature phone. Some media reports claim that JioPhone has received approx 3-4 million registrations for “India ka smartphone” aka JioPhone. Although the number is yet to be confirmed by Jio.

Single SIM inside it

All of that is pretty smart. But I think the smartest play that the JioPhone has revolves around 4G and the VoLTE. Every JioPhone is going to come with a Jio SIM already inside it. Although, pop open the JioPhone rear cover and you will see that it is just a regular nano SIM.

You can take it out and put any other SIM — say Airtel or Vodafone’s— into the phone. But it won’t work. Only the Jio SIM works. So to use the Jio SIM you will have to get a Jio plan too, which starts at Rs 153 per month.

How to register interest

-Go to

-Click on Register Now

-There will be two options. One for individual and another for business

-On booking for individual, which is booking for one person, the customer needs to enter details like – name, email ID, phone number, Pincode and then click on submit to register interest.

–While on booking for business, which is booking more than one JioPhone, customer needs to first click on Business and enter details like – contact number, company name, Pincode, Pan or GST number, and email ID. The customer then needs to select the number of devices they would want to book. Then click on Submit button.

You have only used a feature for now, and you want to try out a phone that is somewhat smarter before moving onto something that is a proper smartphone. Well, go get the JioPhone. Once again, pair it with Rs 153 monthly Jio plan as that will let you connect to the web at 4G speed. You will get 512MB 4G data daily and that is enough for you to explore the world of smart devices with the JioPhone.

Jio phone: Booking, pricing, features and specs


The JioPhone is not for people who carry around a Note in their pockets. It is for feature phones users. The fact that the phone does everything it promises to do is enough to make it a hit.

Also, with the phone comes the monthly packs. You would need to recharge with a Rs 153 to get free calls, messages and data. While you need to buy a seperate subscription for watching Jio TV using the Jio phone at Rs 309 per month.

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