why kattappa killed bahubali ? Review of Bahubali 2 – The Conclusion

Review of Bahubali 2 – The Conclusion

Bahubali 2 – The conclusion is a Pre-sequel of Bahubali – The beginning. Finally the wait ends with release of the movie. Bahubali 2 – The conclusion is much more fun and entertaining than the Bahubali part 1. But as you know the sequel is incomplete without its part one. Everyone should watch the movie ones, even you can see many times. But the craze of Bahubali will not end. Bahubali 2 – The conclusion story is a simple story but presented in a beautiful way, with lots of  graphics and fights. If you loved Bahubali part 1, you will surely like the Bahubali 2.

Why kattappa killed bahubali ?

The most awaited answer since the release of bahubali – The beginning. Finally comes to an end with the release of the movie Bahubali 2. Bhalladeva is announced as a king but people of Mahishmati kingdom wants bahubali as their king. Which make Bhalladeva angry and annoying. He plans with his father to kill bahubali. They create misunderstanding and doubt in Sivagami mind. She agrees to give the order of killing Bahubali. You Might have seen the viral video in whatsapp and Facebook. Where Kattappa was pleading in front of Sivagami to not kill bahubali and to take the order back.

Knowing the climax is good to calm your curiosity but their is lot more than the climax in the movie. Do watch.

Viral Video of kattappa and Sivagami of Bahubali 2 –

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