Padmaavat Live on 4000 screens across India, 35 lakh viewers to defy Karni Sena threat today

Padmaavat Live on 4000 Screens Across India

Padmaavat LIVE on 4000 screens across India

The movie’s release has been opposed by Rajput groups, such as the Karni Sena, who believe the Deepika Padukone-starrer portrays the community in a negative manner.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s controversial period drama Padmaavat is finally releasing today.

The movie’s release has been opposed by Rajput groups, such as the Karni Sena, who believe the Deepika Padukone-starrer portrays the community in a negative manner.Yesterday, incidents of violence were reported from all over the country yesterday, and a particularly horrific episode from Haryana’s Gurgaon grabbed the country’s attention.


Here are the updates from Padmaavat’s release day:

03:30 PM: The Ministry of Home Affairs is in touch with all states over security measures. So far two states have asked for help from central government, reported ANI.

3:16 PM: The Home Ministry is unlikely to step in to deal with Padmaavat-related protests, sources from within the Ministry of Home Affairs said. The Home Ministry is of the view that ensuing law and order and dealing the protests is a responsibility of the state governments, the sources added.

2:54 PM: Sources from Viacom, which has produced the film, said Padmavaat is running in more than 4000 screens in India today. Right now, around 10 lakh people have watched the film and by the end of the day, around 35 lakh people are expected to see the movie, the sources added.

2:34 PM: Chennai police has detained eight people in connection with a protest organised by the Shri Ram Sene outside the city’s Satyam theater.

01:55 PM: A clash occurred between Bajrang Dal workers and police outside a cinema hall in Rishikesh.

01:40 PM: In Dehradun, all the vehicles are being checked and every is being frisked. “All the shows were houseful yesterday. It was peaceful yesterday and so will be today. We are prepared for all situation. Arrests will be made if need be”, says Pradeep Rai, SP Dehradun.


Vehicles getting checked in Dehradun

1:15 PM: “It is a worrying incident, and I am sure there will be a solution to this whole issue today. Hume aisi ghatna ka andesha nahi tha (We never expected such an incident to happen)”, said Haryana minister Ram Bilas Sharma on school bus attacked by vandals in Gurugram.

12:53 PM: Karni Sena members protest at Lucknow’s Novelty cinema by presenting roses to people and appealing to them to not watch the film. A protester says ‘we will also compensate money of the tickets in case people have already bought’.




12:45 PM: In Varanasi, man tries to self immolate outside a cinema hall. He has been detained by the police.

12:35 PM: “This is nothing but ‘pakoda’ politics practiced by BJP. Prime Minister and his party have meekly surrendered before these people who are protesting. He has 56 inch chest only for Muslims”, says AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi.

12:25 PM: At least 18 people have been arrested in connection with the attack on a school bus in Gurugram yesterday. They will be brought to Sohna Court later today.

12:10 PM: In Bihar’s Muzaffarpur district, protesters brandish swords and burn tyres.

Protesters brandish swords and burn tyres.

Protesters burn tyres in Bihar

12:05 PM: In Jaipur, Karni Sena members take out bike rally to protest against the release of Padmaavat.


11:45 AM: In the contempt petition filed against four states in Supreme Court, the petitioner has claimed that the four states had failed in their duty to maintain law and order.

11:24 AM: Another PIL in the Supreme Court has sought contempt proceedings against Karni Sena chief Lokendra Singh Kalvi and two other office bearers of the organisation. Both the PIL, the one against states and the other against Karni Sena, are likely to be heard on Monday.

11:22 AM: A movie hall in Gurgaon has cancelled the screening of Padmaavat.


11:20 AM: Public Interest Litigations have been filed in the Supreme Court seeking contempt proceedings against Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana and Gujarat. These are the states that had their bans on Padmaavat overturned by the Supreme Court. Cinemas in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat have still decided not to screen the movie saying they are worried about damage to property.

10:56 AM: Reports are coming in of highways and major roads being blocked by protestors in some areas. Villagers protesting Padmaavat’s release have blocked the Amreli-Rajula-Pipavav state highway in Gujarat’s Kheda. In Bihar, protestors have blocked a stretch of National Highway 28.

10:50 AM: Yesterday’s attack on the school bus carrying children has sparked immense anger, especially on social media. Director and actor Farhan Akhtar termed the attack “terrorism” in a tweet posted today. “Attacking a school bus is not an agitation. It is terrorism. The people who did it are terrorists,” he said.



10:40 AM: Heavy security has been deployed outside Chittorgarh’s Chittor Fort. Yesterday, there were rumours that Chittor Fort was closed.

Heavy security outside Chittor Fort
10:34 AM: In Varanasi, security personnel outside cinema halls say they have not “witnessed any protest yet and have increased security as a precautionary measure”.

10:23 AM: Films which hurt sentiments of any religion or caste should not be made, says Digvijaya Singh on Padmaavat.

10:17 AM: Tightened security outside cinema halls in Telangana amid anti-Padmaavat protest.

Security outside cinema hall in Telangana

10:15 AM: Padmaavat will only be released in one theatre out of six in Jammu. Yesterday, some youths partially burnt cash counters and smashed window pane of Indira theater.

10:08 AM: In Delhi’s Rajouri Garden theater witness good turn-out on first day as movie-goers say they want to see the reason behind all the uproar.

Movie-goers in Rajour Garden, New Delhi

10:02 AM: “Freedom of expression does not give permission to destroy history. Sit with the ones who are protesting and sort out the matter. When things are not done consensually then that is problematic”, Union Minister VK Singh said.

09:52 AM: Padmaavat will be released in Delhi NCR, Chandigarh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Raipur, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kerala, Chennai and other major cities.

09:50 AM: Visuals from Mumbai’s Sion, security outside PVR cinemas.

Visuals from Mumbai’s Sion, security outside PVR cinemas amid anti-Padmavaat protest.

09:45 AM: In Agra, security personnel deployed outside cinema halls amid anti-Padmaavat protests.

Tight security outside cinema halls in Agra

09:40 AM: Padmaavat will not be released in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Patna.

09:27 AM: In Bhopal, protesters set fire to a car during a protest against Padmavaat. Police say two people have been taken into custody.

Protesters set fire to a car in Bhopal

 09:20 AM: According to cinepolis security at Laxmi Nagar’s V3S mall, they are not sure if Padmaavat will be screened or not. Cinepolis Cinema in VS3 mall has three screens and they are showing Tiger Zinda hai, Vodka Diaries but no confirmation on Padmaavat’s screening.

However, to ensure viewers’ security, cinepolis has hired extra 15 bouncers.

09:10 AM: Padmaavat not to be released in Patna, it will be released in other parts of Bihar.

8:55 AM: In Pune, people are excited about the release and there is no tension regarding the protest as there is enough security. Many say, they just want to enjoy the movie. “It is peaceful. Current show is housefull. Police presence is here, our own security is also in place. All good as of now”, says Kishore Ganatra, E-Square cinema hall owner.

Source – India Today 

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