Prithvi Vallabh 10th March 2018 Episode 15 Written Episode Update: Mrinal In Prithvi’s Captivity

Prithvi Vallabh 10th March 2018 Episode 15 Written Episode Update

Prithvi Vallabh 10th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrinal in Prithvi’s captivity. Prithvi as Daku Dharti Singh asks her to have food and says he made it with his hand. Mrinal says once you free my hand, I will not leave you. Prithvi asks her to first hold him. He asks her to have food. Mrinal asks for water and starts drinking the food being hungry. Prithvi says you are eating fast, food is delicious. Mrinal asks him to open her hands. Prithvi says if I open your hands then Mama will scold me, how I will marry a girl then. Mrinal asks who is Mama? Prithvi says Mama is a dacoit and kidnaps girls. Mrinal asks if marriage is your aim. Prithvi says it is everyone’s aim and goes to call Mama.

Kalari tells Rasniti that he can’t do Daku’s role. Rasniti says Prithvi can’t trust anybody except you, as the matter is about Mrinal’s security. Kalari refuses to have wine. Rasniti asks him to drink it for prithvi’s sake. Kalari drinks it and acts, says he will get money from Prithvi.

Tailap tells Guru Aditya that there is no news of Mrinal and gets worried. He says he will go there. Guru Aditya says Mrinal must be safe and asks him not to go, he says wherever she is, she will come as a winner. He asks him to change clothes.

Mrinal asks where is your Mama? Prithvi asks her to be silent and says Mama don’t want argument. Kalari comes there practicing and tells that he is head of dacoits, Daku Dharti Dhakel Singh. Mrinal asks them what do they need? She says she will give them wealth and says her secret messengers will bring money from Manyakheta. Kalari asks her to tell about her spy/secret messengers then Dharti will search them. Mrinal says he is the head of fools. Prithvi pretends to cry. Kalari asks her to tell else he will get money from prithvi.

They come out. Prithvi asks Kalari to go to Malwa and keep eye on Maha Kay. Kalari asks his opinion about sindhu. Prithvi says Sindhu can be against me, but not Malwa.

Tailap romances with Kosha while she sings a sensual song. Jakala imagines them romancing in mirror and throws wine on it.

Prithvi gives food to Mrin al again and signs asking if it is good. Mrinal gives him angry look. Prithvi asks him not to scare her and says Mama trapped him, and tells that he is here as his marriage is fixed. Mrinal says food is good and tells that she wants to meet Vishkanya , her secret messenger. Prithvi says I will not go. Mrinal says you have to meet Sulochana. Prithvi asks then why you said Vishkanya. Mrinal says Vishkanyas are powerful as they drink poison since childhood. Prithvi refuses to go. Mrinal scolds him. Prithvi acts to cry. Mrinal says you are not a kid to cry and a black spot on dacoits. She says if you don’t meet her, then his Mama will not get her married. Prithvi agrees to meet sulochana. Mrinal tells him where she is staying and asks him to take her bangle. Prithvi tries to take her bangle. Mrinal asks who are you? Prithvi says he is Dharti Singh. Music plays as they look at each other. Prithvi takes her bangle.

Jakala is heavily drunk and comes to Tailap’s room, sees Tailap and Kosha making love. She gets shocked and tries to stab Kosha, but she herself gets injured. Tailap takes her to room.

Prithvi asks Rasniti to search Vishkanya. Rasniti gets worried. Prithvi asks him to search her and be careful.

Kalari comes back to Palace. Maha kay asks Kalari to move from his way. Kalari indirectly shares his doubt on him. Sindhu asks Maha Kay to come. Maha Kay tells him that they shall kill Kalari. Sindhu says we shall think about Mrinal first. Vaid ji comes and checks Jakala. Guru Aditya asks what happened to her. Tailap says she fell down. Lakshmi says she never fell down. Jakala gains consciousness with a heavy head. Lakshmi asks her to have medicine. Guru Aditya says her body will be fine with medicine, but she needs Tailap’s support. Tailap says I understand.

Vishkanyas’ attack Rasniti. Sulochana looks at him as he faints.

Singhdant asks Maharani if Prithvi came back. He says even Kalari went somewhere. Kalari comes there. Singhdant asks if there is no news about Prithvi. Kalari says I knew about him, but doesn’t know about his present place. Singhdant asks where is your spy? Kalari says he went somewhere. Singhdant says my eyes got weak now. Prithvi comes there and tells poetry lines praising his father. Singhdant asks him not to go far. Prithvi says it is not easy to catch dreams and says I have tied it, have to bring it to you. Singhdant asks why he is waiting then. Prithvi says he is waiting to make the dream smile and then will bring. Prithvi and Kalari talk about their plan and becoming dacoit. Maha kay’s friend hears them. Prithvi tells him that he can’t trust anybody except him for Singhdant’s protection. Maha Kay’s friend hears them and understands it was Prithvi who has rescued Mrinal. Messenger informs Prithvi that Rasniti’s horse is found. Prithvi and Kalari leave to go there. Kalari asks Soldier if he knew from where Rasniti’s horse came. Soldier says no. Prithvi tells Kalari that he needs to go. Maha Kay’s friend asks his men to keep eye on Prithvi.

Rasniti wakes up tied at Sulochana’s place. Sulochana presses his neck and stabs him little, she asks him to tell where is Mrinal. Rasniti refuses. Sulochana says she will not kill him until he tells her. Rasniti says Prithvi will find you.

Mrinal is still captive by Prithvi, when she sees many scorpions crawling towards hers. She gets shocked and calls for help.

Maha Kay tells sindhu that Mrinal is found, and says they shall get their arrow expert men to kill her, and says they will light the cave on fire and will also close the exit door. Prithvi tries to rescue Mrinal. They are caged there.

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