Sabudana Tikki Recipe (Hindi) And sabudana khichdi, sabudana kheer Special For Navratri

tikki is a deep-fried or pan-fried Indian cutlet usually made with mashed potatoes mixed with chopped vegetable and mild spices. The preparation takes various forms across the different regions and kitchen of the country. One such variation is the sabudana tikki, which is often made during the Navratri season in India.

Sabudana, also known as tapioca or sago is hard pulse, which when soaked in water becomes somewhat mushy and chewy. The ingredient is used to make a number of other preparations like sabudana vadasabudana khichdisabudana kheerand may more.

The recipe uses sago mixed with mashed potatoes to give a crunchy and mildly spiced cutlet that is great for consumption during fasts as it stays well within the “fasting regulations” and is healthy, delicious, and nourishing all at the same time. Follow the recipe below to make some sabudana tikkis at home.

Sabudana Tikki Recipe


  • १ किलो भसाबुदाना
  • ७०० ग्राम उबले आलू का भरता
  • १० ग्राम लाल मिर्च पाउडर
  • १० ग्राम सेन्धा नमक
  • ७०० म्ल तेल
  • ३० ग्राम हरी मिर्च, बारीक कटी हुई
  • ५० ग्राम धनिया पत्ती, बारीक कटी हुई
  • २ लीटर पानी


  1. साबुदाना को २-३ घन्टे के लिए पानी में भिगोकर, पानी को बहादें।
  2. एक कटोरे में आलू, हरी मिर्च, धनिया पत्ती, लाल मिर्च पाउडर, व सेन्धा नमक को साबुदाना के साथ मिलालें। इस मिश्रण की छोटी टिक्कियाँ बना लें।
  3. कढ़ाई में मध्यम आँच पर तेल गरम करें। अब इसमें टिक्कियों को अच्छी तरह तल लें।
  4. चट्नी के साथ गरमा गरम परोसें।

    Sabudana Khichadi Recipe

    Sabudana Khichdi Recipe with step by step.Sabudana khichdi is usually made during fasting days like Sankashti Chaturthi or navratri.


    • 1 cup sabudana or tapioca pearls
    • 2 small to medium size potatoes/aloo
    • cup ½roasted peanuts/moongphali
    • 8-10 curry leaves/kadi patta optional
    • 1 tsp grated ginger/adrak optional
    • 1 green chili/hari mirch chopped
    • 1 tsp cumin/jeera
    • cup ¼grated fresh coconut optional
    • tsp ½ to 1sugar or as required
    • tsp ½ to 1lemon juice or as required optional
    • 2 tbsp Oil
    • rock salt as required


    1. soak sabudana overnight or for 3-5 hours.
    2. next day drain the sabudana very well and keep aside in a bowl.
    3. boil the potatoes and when warm peel and chop them.
    4. in a pan dry roast the peanuts till browned and when cooled make a coarse powder in a mortar-pestle or in a dry grinder.
    5. mix the coarsely powdered peanuts, salt and sugar with the drained sabudana.
    6. now heat oil. fry the cumin first till they crackle and get browned.
    7. now add the curry leaves and green chilies. fry for half a minute and then add the grated ginger.
    8. stir till the raw smell of the ginger goes away. now add potato and saute for 1-2 minutes.
    9. add the sabudana. keep on stirring the mixture.
    10. when the sabudana looses their opaqueness and starts becoming translucent they are cooked.
    11. don’t over cook as they might become lumpy and hard.
    12. lastly add grated coconut. mix well. close the fire.
    13. while serving garnish sabudana khichdi with coriander leaves and drizzle with some lemon juice.
    14. serve sabudana khichdi hot.

      Sabudana Kheer-Sago Payasam-Javarisi Payasam


      • 1/3 cup Sago/Javarisi/Sabudana –
      • 1/4 -1/3 cup sugar depending on the sweetness you want
      • 5 cups Milk
      • 6-8 Cashew nuts chopped
      • 5 Almonds blanched and slivered*
      • saffron few strands
      • 1/4 tsp cardamom powder
      • 1 tsp ghee


      1. Soak sabudana in just enough water to cover it for 1 hour. After that is should be fluffy and plump. Keep it aside.
      2. Heat a tsp of ghee and roast the nuts (cashews & almonds) and raisins separately.
      3. Soak saffron is a tbsp of milk.
      4. In a heavy bottom pan/ kadai, boil milk. Simmer and let the milk reduce a little.
      5. Then add the soaked sabudana, simmer and cook till it is soft. Keep stirring now and then, so that the sago gets cooked evenly and does not stick together.
      6. Add saffron and sugar and cook till sugar dissolves on medium heat.
      7. Then add the nuts, raisins and cardamom powder. Mix well.
      8. Serve hot or cold.
      9. Now that it is festival season, enjoy preparing this delicious sabudana payasam.

      RECIPE NOTESThis kheer tends to thicken as it cools, you can add milk to get the desired consistency.
      *Blanched- Soak almonds in hot water for 1/2 an hour, remove the skin.
      *Slivered – cut it into small, thin, narrow pieces.

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